Guide To Checking Your Car Tyre Pressure & Inflate Tyres

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July 21, 2016
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Guide To Checking Your Car Tyre Pressure & Inflate Tyres

goh swee hin tyre inflation tips

We check car tyre pressure at our tyre workshop in Penang, every single day. And what’s more, we’ve been doing this for over 20 years.

Checking and filing tyre pressure is a pretty simple process. Many though, are often misled by incorrect guides and influences from their friends, but today, we’re going to clear those doubts away.

Find Out The Proper Inflation For Your Tyres

The first thing to do is to find out the proper inflation of your tyres. There will be two numbers you want to look for.

One is called operating pressure and the other is called maximum pressure. 

how to check tyre maximum load

Maximum pressure load – This one says 44PSI

This means the maximum amount of air you can put into this tyre without spoiling it is at 44PSI. Many people think that this is the amount of air pressure they will have to pump their tyre at.

The correct method is to inflate your tyre depending on the operating pressure determined by your car manufacturer. Again, different car manufacturers have different air pressure recommendations.

Checking For The Recommended Air Pressure

So you’ll want to check the recommended air pressure determined by your car manufacturer. There are a few places to look for this.

The first place to look for the correct air pressure is in your vehicle owner’s manual. It’s always advised to leave your owner’s manual in your car, so you can quickly refer to it.

If you don’t have your car owner’s manual with you, normally you can also find a sticker stating the recommended air pressure on the side of your car door, glove box or sometimes even fuel door.

tire pressure sticker

Tyre pressure sticker found at the side of the door

Inflating Your Car Tyres Correctly

Now that you know the correct tyre pressure to fill your car tyres with, simply set the air pressure on the air pump (normally at petrol stations), to the desired air pressure.

Take the nozzle cap of your tyre nozzle. If you found that you have missing nozzle caps, just drive over our car tyre workshop in Penang, next to Komtar and we’ll have it replaced for you. It’s always worth it to have the caps on as they will protect the nozzle from being damaged by traffic debris, sand and stones.

If you’re using an air pump at a local petrol station, the air pump should have a air pressure gauge for you to monitor. Once you reach the desired air pressure, simply stop adding air into the tyre.


A tyre gauge like this is pretty handy

If you’re doing this at home, you’ll want to get a tyre gauge. A tyre gauge does not cost too much but would be a great investment for you, towards the care of your tyres.

If you need one, you can also pick up one of this nice tyre gauges from our tyre workshop next to Komtar, Penang. Using the tyre gauge, you just simply push it on the nozzle and check to see the gauge falls to the desired tyre pressure.

And, that’s it! Once you’re done, simply put the cap back on and move on to the next tyre.

Conclusion – Guide To Checking Car Tyre Air Pressure

I hope this quick post gave you a quick idea on how to check your tyre air pressure. It might seem like a small thing to do, but getting your air pressure correct would prolong the life of your car tyres before it wears out.

Also, a tyre gauge would be essential to check your tyre pressure. We normally advise our customers to have one of this in the boot of their cars.

If you need one, just let us know the next time you service your car at our tyre workshop in Penang. See our full list of car and tyre service here.

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