About Goh Swee Hin



Everytime you pull into a car workshop, what comes into your mind? Most of the time, you'll start to have doubts about the reliability and credibility of the car workshop you just drove into.

At Goh Swee Hin (Komtar), we have worked hard for over 65 years to take that doubt off your mind. As the number #1 trusted tyre provider in Penang, we offer a comprehensive range of products and tyre services, designed for performance, safety and reliability. We have a long list of customers who trusts us in maintaining their car tyres.

We pride ourselves on our expertise and utilizing the latest tyre fitment technology, so we can fit your tyres quickly, safely and to the highest standards. Our team are knowledgeable and would be happy to answer any questions you have about your car tyre service.


Our History

  • 12.01.1947Goh Swee Hin Was Established

    Our founder, Goh Boon Leong, came to Penang, Malaysia and was initially working as an assistant, as a tyre man with a salary of RM30/month under his brother, Goh Sin Poh. Life back then was tough. Goh Boon Leong survived only on porridge and bread, while going through the working grind every day. The popular dish, "Char Koey Teow" was categorized then as a luxury meal and Goh Boon Leong has never tasted it.
  • 01.08.1950Goh Swee Hin Tyre Shop Started

    3 years later, Goh Boon Leong started his own tyre shop, having learned the trade of changing & servicing car tyres. Initially, Goh Swee Hin had 5 shareholders. Goh Swee Hin tyre shop hit deals with government bodies, such as the Penang Port secretariat & TNB in the 1950s and begin growing the business - providing high-quality tyre servicing and changing services.
  • 28.05.1993Pioneering Tyre Shop in Penang

    In the early 70s, Goh Swee Hin has established as a renowned tyre workshop in Penang. Most factories in Penang, including business vendors located in Carnarvon Street were then all customers of Goh Swee Hin. With our founder, Goh Boon Leong himself being a prominent figure in various associations in Penang, many clients turn to Goh Swee Hin for any tyre servicing they may have, for our reliability, expertise, and experience in the tyre business.
  • 8.08.2016Goh Swee Hin Komtar Continues To Provide World-Class Tyre Services

    In 2016, with 66 years of proven track record, Goh Swee Hin (Komtar) continues to serve customers by providing excellent tyre & car maintenance services in Penang. Goh Swee Hin Komtar is known as the most experienced car tyre workshop in Penang. As we go forward, we continue to improve our servicing skillset, to continue providing world-class service to our valuable clients.