Our Products

Our Products

We also offer our range of professionally custom made forged wheels, built with quality in mind. Combining aesthetics & durability, we only distribute custom made forged wheels of the highest quality in Penang.

Custom Made Forged Wheels

Get a set of custom forged wheels, made to fit your car. Our forged wheels are crafted with the highest quality aluminum to ensure it is durable, impact-resistant, lightweight for better performance.


All forged wheels are custom made to fit your car. These durable wheels can be customized & personalized to the way you prefer.

Drive and travel on the road with increased comfort and luxury with a set of custom made forged wheels.

Alloy Wheels

Find a selection of modern cast alloy wheels available at our workshop for all current cars & vehicles. All alloy wheels are tested for durability and reliability before we fit them on your car.