5 Warning Signs That Indicate You Need to Replace Your Car Tyres

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July 25, 2016
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5 Warning Signs That Indicate You Need to Replace Your Car Tyres


As car drivers, there are a few basic pointers you put into consideration in terms of car maintenance. The most basic things you think about is the petrol level (of course, you would not want to run out of gas in the middle of the road), the regular engine oil replacement, your car battery and of course your car tyres.




Car tyres are one of the key components of your car. After all, they are the “legs” of your car that helps it travel around. Each time your car is sent for servicing, together with a regular wheel alignment and wheel balancing, you ¬†usually think it is already in tip top condition.


However, your tyres need to change from time to time as well. The average benchmark of the lifespan of your tyres is about 5 to 10 years, depending on your usage. As much as you tend to put a lot of trust in mechanics or tyre service centres to check your tyres, it is also crucial for you to be able to look out for signs that your car tyres need to be changed in between car service appointments for your own safety.

What are some warning signs that show you need new car tyres?

1. Tread Wear of your Car Tyres


This is one of the most important safety precautions to take when inspecting your car tyres. In general, tread wear refers to the patterns on your tyres that provide friction when you travel on roads to prevent loss of car control. When your tread wear gets too shallow (a rough guide is when it is less than 2mm), or in our very Malaysian terms, when the pattern on your tyre becomes “botak”, it shows that your tyres are considerably worn out. This is a good sign that your tyre may need to be replaced. You can make an appointment with a reliable tyre shop in Penang to get it checked and replaced.


2. Irregular bulges on your tyres




If you were to notice any irregular bulges on the surface of your tyres, this is a very obvious sign that your tyres need to be replaced immediately. These bulges are often caused by hard impact or going over potholes on the roads. If you continue to drive with bulging tyres, it can cause very serious damage and is very hazardous for you. This is because a bulging tyre often indicates that your tyre’s sidewalls have been weakened or damaged internally. If these damaged tyres are not replaced immediately, they may explode and cause you to lose control. Hence, it is important to regularly check your car tyres appearances for any bulges. If there is, it is time to replace it with a new tyre.


3. Cracks on the surface of your tyres




While you are inspecting your tyres, it is also important to look out for any visible cracks on your tyre’s surfaces. Cracks are often the result of old tyre age, excessive weather condition (our hot Malaysian weather may be one of the factors), or even constant lower than recommended tyre pressure (it is very important to ensure your tyre pressure is in tip top condition). Just like any other rubber, when a tyre cracks, it means that it is showing signs of degrading. Slight cracks may not be as dangerous as severe ones, but it is better to take precaution when you start noticing the cracks. So when you start seeing cracks on your tyres, bring it to your nearest tyre service centre to get it checked and replaced.


4. The “feel” of your car


I am sure this is very familiar to all car drivers. You may not necessarily check your car for damages regularly, but you definitely know when something is not quite right. This is known as the “driver’s instincts”. When you feel that your car is vibrating more than it is supposed to, or it is much more bumpy than usual, or even when you feel your car control has reduced slightly, it may be a sign that your tyres need some attention. Most of the time, tyres that are old or damaged tend to show signs of irregularities when you drive. Hence, if you notice anything different about your car, it may indicate it is time to replace your tyres. If you are not very sure of the actual problem, you can make an appointment to get it your tyres checked.


5. The age of your car tyres


This is the most simple and straightforward indication that you need to change your tyres. As mentioned, all tyres have a limited lifespan. If your car tyres are more than 5 years old, it is important for you to take extra care and inspect them more regularly. If it needs to be replaced or repaired, do not delay as it will threaten your own safety. If your car tyres reach a maximum of 10 years, no matter how well you maintain them, it is time for you to get new tyres.


These are 5 warning signs that your car tyres need to be replaced with new ones. As much as car tyre prices in Malaysia may seem expensive, it is still a better choice to replace them instead of risking your own safety.

Remember this, car tyres are an investment that ensures your safety each day as you travel around. If it needs to be repaired or replaced, do not hesitate or procrastinate. All you have to do is drop by a local tyre service centre and you are able to get it checked properly.

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